Day at the Capitol
May 26-28, 2020


This virtual event is an important opportunity to speak with elected officials who have a crucial role in developing the state’s budget and educate them about the significant role of community health centers (CHCs) in COVID-19 response and recovery.

How to Participate:

1. REGISTER for Virtual Day at the Capitol!
2. You will then be connected to a consortium team lead who will work with you (and others in your region) to ensure virtual meetings are scheduled.
3. All registrants will receive a link to join the May 21st prep webinar.
4. May 26-28: Participate in your scheduled virtual legislative visits and engage in daily "Capitol Power Hour" social media campaigns (more info. coming soon!).

Virtual Meetings

The three days of advocacy will consist of virtual meetings with key elected officials and/or their staff. You will work with your regional consortium to tell your story and share information about CHC budget requests. Each day you will also have the opportunity to engage in a one-hour social media campaign (Capitol Power Hour) to reinforce our message to electeds and to educate the general public about the vital role CHCs play, not only in COVID-19 response and recovery, but in their communities.

Please register by May 18th.
Once registered, you will be connected to a consortium team leader who will work with you and others in your region to ensure that meetings are scheduled and you have a plan of action.

Virtual DAC Prep Webinar

Thursday, May 21 (11:00am - 12:00pm) 
The link will be sent to all those that register for Virtual Day at the Capitol. Those who register but are unable to attend the webinar will receive the recording.


Contact Kelley Aldrich at