CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates is building a presence in the public policy arena that can't be ignored. With more than 1,330 community health centers with over 40,000 health center staff that provide care to 1 in 6 Californians, together we can ensure that our health-care safety net remains strong and stable. 

We can’t do this alone. We need to raise our voices together to make sure we are heard and remain a priority for each of our legislators.

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Secure Long-Term Funding For Community Health Centers

It’s August and  Members of Congress will be home throughout the August recess and it is the perfect opportunity to reinforce the importance of extending health center funding before September 30th. With the legislative activity we have already seen to extend health center funding (click here for a recent recap ), it is evident that there is strong support for health centers and the work that each of you do every day to serve the patients in your community.

Take action today to keep the pressure on your Members of Congress! Thank them for their efforts to date. Ask them to take action as soon as possible to extend health center mandatory funding before the September 30th deadline – as much funding as possible (room for growth) for as long as possible (stability).