While the state of California maintains overall responsibility for the Medicaid program, most of the services and most of the beneficiaries in Medi-Cal are served through the Medi-Cal managed care delivery system. To improve care for Medi-Cal enrollees and ensure coordination and quality, CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates must champion change not just with the state, but with California’s many Medi-Cal managed care plans.  It is our goal to partner with managed care organizations and other stakeholders to collaborate on statewide, regional, and county-level policies that increase communication throughout the delivery system and align incentives around whole person, coordinated care.  We also seek to remove regulatory barriers and increase flexibility for community health centers (CHCs) in order to pave the way for greater participation in the managed care delivery system. 

CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates Staff Contact

For questions, please contact Andie Patterson, Director of Government Affairs at Andie@healthplusadvocates.org

Culturally Competent Whole Person Health Care, Preventive Care, and Support Services

CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates seeks to empower patients to access and utilize healthcare services appropriately by advancing policy which allows – and incentivizes – the seamless integration of primary care, oral, and behavioral health care services within community health centers (CHCs) and the entire Medi-Cal the delivery system.  


California’s health care system is challenged by a wide array of diverse and confusing funding streams, gaps in care delivery shared responsibility for care between the state, counties, managed care plans and providers, as well as an enrolled population that does not have access to the economic and social supports that are fundamental to health and well-being.  Rural and urban communities alike struggle to create a comprehensive safety-net that serves the needs of our low-income population.  CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates aspires to build a seamless delivery system for all of the needs of the Medi-Cal population around community health centers, which serve as a truly integrated patient centered health home, providing not just medical care, but access to behavioral health, oral health, and specialty services, as well as social supports.