CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates is dedicated to advancing the mission of community health centers through state and federal advocacy. We advocate on behalf of more than 1,300 community health centers who provide care to 1 in 6 Californians. We have a robust legislative agenda that includes issue areas such as improving access to care, promoting and protecting California's workforce, and more.

Governor Newsom's 2019-20 Proposed State Budget
On January 10, Governor Newsom's Administration released the 2019-20 Proposed Budget (Proposed Budget). Governor Newsom’s Proposed Budget demonstrates a strong commitment to children, families, health care, and education, with a particular focus on underserved populations.

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340B: Governor Newsom's Executive Order

Governor Newsom signed Executive Order (N-01-19) to create a single-purchaser system of drugs in California. The Executive Order directs the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to transition all pharmacy services for Medi-Cal managed care to Fee For Service (FFS) by January 2021, which could effectively end the savings received through the 340B program and ultimately limit services and access for California’s low-income, vulnerable communities.

CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates is committed to ensuring the resources health centers need, which today come from 340B savings, remain. Staff developed talking points to use when meeting with legislators and key stakeholders on this issue. Advocates' staff asks that you share with us the results of your conversations so that we can be as coordinated as possible as we seek a solution that works for the Administration, Medi-Cal, health centers and patients. Please send updates or questions to Andie Martinez Patterson at

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CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates 2019 Sponsored Bills

Senate Bill 66 (Atkins) Same Day Billing

In partnership with the Steinberg Institute, Advocates has moved forward with reintroducing Same Day Billing legislation. With a raging opioid epidemic, a greater appreciation for the intersection of primary care and mental health services, and the need to increase access to behavioral health preventive and diagnostic services, Advocates is excited to be working with the Steinburg Institute on this important effort.

For more information on the State Budget or sponsored bills, please contact Andie Patterson at